Address Field

Using the address field, the front-end user can enter an address that will then be geocoded by the geocoder field, if synced with one. If the address field is also synced with coordinates or Google map fields, then the map marker will dynamically set to the right position on the map and the coordinates fields will automatically populate with the values.  For the address field, you can also enable the address autocomplete feature and a locator button that will be placed inside the address field.

The address geocoding happens dynamically when pressing the Enter key while in the address input field or once leaving ( focusout ) the field.

Field options:

  • Geocoder ID - Select the geocoder field ID which you'd like to sync the address field with.
  • Enable Locator Button - Display a locator icon inside the address field which, once clicked, would dynamically retrieve the user's current position.
  • Location found message - enter a message that will pop up once the current location successfully found by the locator button. For example, "Location found!". You can leave the field blank if you do not want to display a message.
  • Enable Address Autocomplete - enable Google Places address autocomplete which provides the front-end user with live suggested results while typing an address. This way the user does not have to type the full address. Rather, he can quickly choose it from the suggested results.
  • Address Autocomplete Types - Select the type of results that will be displayed in the suggested results. Click here to read more about the autocomplete types of results that you can choose from.
  •  Restrict Autocomplete Results - you can restrict the suggested results to a single country by choosing the country from the drop-down menu.
  • Address Autocomplete Bounds - Set bounds to display suggested results based on. Enter single or multiple sets of coordinates ( latitude and longitude comma separated ) when each set is followed by the "|" character.

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