Locator Button Field

The locator button provides the user with an easy way to retrieve his current position. It is an HTML button that once clicked, it will trigger the browser geolocation which will try to retrieve the user's current position ( using HTML 5 geolocation ). If the current position successfully found, it will be geocoded by the geocoder field. If an address field, coordinates or Google map are synced with this locator button, they will be dynamically populated with the location returned by the browser. 

Field options:

  • Field Label - Gravity Forms' field label that will be displayed above the button. Leave it blank for no field label.
  • Geocoder ID - select the geocoder field ID which you'd like to sync the button with.
  • Button label - the label for the HTML button. For example, "Locate me".
  • Location found message - enter a message that will popup once the current location successfully found. For example, "Location found!". You can leave the field blank if you do not want to display a message.

Locator button form-editor

Locator Button Front-end 

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