Coordinates Field

Using the Coordinates field, the front-end user can enter latitude and longitude that will then be reversed geocoded by the geocoder field, if synced with one. If the coordinates field is also synced with address or Google map fields, then the map marker will dynamically set to the right position on the map and the address field will dynamically populate with the address.

The coordinates geocoding takes place dynamically when pressing the Enter key while in one of the coordinates input fields or once leaving ( focus out ) the fields. 

Field options:

  • Geocoder ID - Select the geocoder field ID with which you'd like to sync the coordinates field with.
  • Latitude Placeholder - enter the text that will be used as the latitude field placeholder.
  • Longitude Placeholder - enter the text that will be used as the longitude field placeholder.
Coordinates field form editor
Coordinates field front-end
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