Geocoder Field Syncing

What Does Fields Syncing ( or grouping ) Mean?

Say, for example, that you have a form with an address field, locator button, Coordinates, and Google map. And you want that each time when the front-end user drags the marker on the map, the address field and coordinates will be dynamically populated with the location information returned from the map. And same goes vice versa; if the user manually enters a set of coordinates, an address or uses the address autocomplete to select an address, the map marker would dynamically sets in the position of the address that the user entered. The same applied to the locator button; if the user clicks the locator button and the browser successfully detects his current position, then the map, the address field, and the coordinates would be dynamically populated with the current location returned from the browser.

The field that is responsible for the syncing described above is the Geocoder field; The Geocoder field will not only sync between the different geolocation fields but will also perform a complete geocoding for the address entered manually or found via the map or locator button.

You can create unlimited geolocation groups; Groups of an address field, coordinates, Google map, and locator button. And it doesn't have to be all fields. It can be a map only, map and address field, map and coordinates, locator button and map, and so on.

This way, for example, you can create a form that allows the user to enter the addresses of two locations: home address and work address. You can present the user with two sets of address field textboxes and a Google map, so he can enter or find each of the two locations. On form submission, you will see on the entry page complete geocoded information for each of the locations entered by the user. You can as well receive the location information via email notification.

Basically, you can sync ( or group ) the different geolocation fields together using the geocoder field ID. You can add as many geolocation fields to the form and sync them using different geocoder fields.

Each geolocation field can only be synced to one geocoder. This means that you can group one address field, one locator button, one coordinates field, and one map to a specific geocoder field. But you can create as many such groups as you wish.

The location fields returned by the geocoder are listed below:

  • Street number
  • Street name
  • Street ( street number + street name )
  • Premise
  • Neighborhood
  • City
  • County
  • Region code ( state code )
  • Region name  ( State name )
  • Postcode ( zip-code / postal code )
  • Country code
  • Country name
  • Address ( the original address entered by the user )
  • Formatted address - formatted address returned after geocoding
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

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