General Settings

To get to the Gravity Geolocation Settings page, navigate to the dashboard -> Forms -> Settings, then click the Geolocation tab.

The setting page has two sections: The license key and the General Settings sections.

1. The "License Key" section of the Settings page is where you activate your license key. For more info regarding the license key activation, please visit the License Key Activation page.

2. The "General Settings" section is where you set up the plugin. Please note that this section will be grayed out if your license key isn't activated. You must activate your license key to be able to use the plugin.

Gravity Geolocation Settings:

  1. Google Maps API Key - this is where you enter your Google Maps Browser API key. The API key is required, and the plugin won't work without it. See this tutorial to learn how to generate and set up your Google Maps Browser API key. Please make sure to follow all the steps of the tutorial as described. Otherwise, the plugin might not work properly.
  2. Google Maps Country Code - enter the country code of the default country that will be used with the Google Maps API. When geocoding addresses, the plugin will use this country code as the default country with the geocoder. On this page, you can find the list of country codes that you could use.
  3. Google Maps Language - enter the language code of the default language that will be used with Google Maps API. The language code will affect the language of the map and of the address autocomplete suggested results. On this page, you can find the list of language codes that you could use.
  4. Disable Google Maps API - Check this checkbox to prevent the Gravity Geolocation plugin from registering the Google Maps library and Google Maps API key. Doing so might be useful when there is another plugin or theme that registering your Google Maps API on your site and might prevent some conflicts. However,  in some cases, disabling this feature will prevent the plugin from working properly.
  5. High Accuracy Location Mode - Check this checkbox to enable high accuracy location mode for the auto-locator feature ( when using the auto-locator button and auto-locator on page load ). By doing so, the auto-locator feature (which uses the browser's HTML5 geolocation feature ) might retrieve a more accurate user current location. However, it might also result in slower performance of the geolocator.
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