Geolocation Fields Overview

Once the Gravity Geolocation plugin is installed and activated on your site, you will find the new Geolocation field buttons on the Gravity Forms Editor page.

The Gravity Geolocation fields are just like any other Gravity Forms fields, and you can add them anywhere in the form, and you can add as many as you wish.

The Geolocation fields that the plugin generates listed below:

Geolocation Fields Syncing

When settings up the Geolocation fields in your form, you need to sync between them using a Geocoder field. Syncing the fields together is what makes them communicate which each other. So when a user enters an address in the Address field, for example, the map marker will point to that address on the map. And the same goes for vice versa; when dragging the marker on the map, the address field will get populated with the address returned from the position of the map marker.

See this article to learn more about the Geolocation fields syncing.

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